Fire Inspections

Fire Inspections

Parksville Fire Rescue work to ensure the Parksville Fire Protection Area is a safe and healthy community in part by carrying out regular inspections of public buildings. The British Columbia Fire Services Act mandates the department conduct inspections of all public buildings. Regularly scheduled inspections ensure buildings comply with the BC Fire Code.

The prevention of fires also contributes to the economic stability of our community. Parksville Fire Rescue conducts inspections of more complex or higher risk buildings and performs plan reviews for new construction and/or significant renovations of public buildings. All new and existing buildings and facilities are subject to the provisions of the British Columbia Fire Code which sets out technical provisions regulating:

  • Activities related to the construction, use or demolition of buildings and facilities.
  • The condition of specific elements of buildings and facilities.
  • The design or construction of specific elements of facilities related to certain hazards
  • Protection measures for the current or intended use of buildings.

The frequency of inspections is determined by risk factors which include building occupancy, use, number of occupants and record of compliance.

For inquiries about fire inspections and requirements for your property or business, contact Parksville Fire Rescue.