Rod Banks Memorial Bursary

Rod Banks Memorial Bursary

Rod Banks

This bursary is in memory of Deputy Chief Rod Banks who dedicated 45 years to Parksville Fire Rescue. Rod was a respected and dedicated member of our community. He was a family man and a leader in all aspects of his life, never afraid to make changes to better the community.

Who can apply?
This bursary will be awarded to deserving students who have been accepted for post-secondary education. Selection preference will be given to those are entering the emergency services field. Preference will be given in the following order:

  1. Current Parksville Fire Rescue member OR member’s child/grandchild
  2. PVFD honorary member’s child/grandchild
  3. Any student (must be entering emergency services field)

How can I apply?
Please complete the application form and return to the fire department:

By email: fire@parksville.ca
Subject line: Rob Banks Bursary Application

Mail or in person to: PVFD Bursary Committee
160 Jensen Avenue West
PO Box 1390
Parksville, BC V9P 2H4


The bursary committee reserves the right to NOT award the bursary but may award more than one should funding permit. The bursary amount will be $1,000 per recipient.

  • Applications must be received by the committee no later than June 1 (current year). Applications received after cut-off date will not be considered.
  • Prior recipients of the bursary may reapply for an additional year of funding. Preference will be given to first time applicants.
  • Proof of acceptance from a post-secondary institution will be required before funds are released and funds must be claimed within six months after award.